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Wanshida Hydraulic Metal Baler manufacturer produce scrap metal baler, metal baling press, metal shear, waste paper baler, waste cardboard baler, scrap briquetting press, etc.>>more
Scrap metal shear baler logger is capable of cold pressing various thin metal materials with the thickness less than 3mm into rectangular bales at normal state, such as waste steel, scrap iron, wire steel, etc.>>more
Our Scrap Baler Logger is suitable for Bale or log scrap metal, waste car bodies, vehicle scrap processing and metal recycling enterprises. It features remote control or PLC control.>>more
This horizontal Container metal shear is applicable for cutting the metal shaped in different cross section like round, square, channel, angle, I shape, plate and various waste structural metal at cold state>>more
Q43 series alligator shear is mostly applied in the metal recycled processing plant, disassembling field of scraped vehicles, smelting and casting fields and other industries.>>more
Scrap briquette press can press the waste metal into briquette for melting again instead of the scrap steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and waste copper.>>more
Wanshida Vertical baler can be used to press and bale many kinds of recyclable material, including papers, plastic films, cardboards, and cotton, etc.>>more
Wanshida Horizontal baler is a kind of scrap recycling equipment. It can be used as waste paper baler, plastic baler and cardboard baler, etc.>>more
Our Scrap Metal Shredder is mainly for shred all kinds of scrap metal with thickness less than 2mm. Our main products are scrap metal balers, metal shears, metal shredders, etc.>>more
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