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Scrap Metal Shredders, Scrap Metal Balers, Metal Shear Balers
Q43-600A Scrap metal Shredder is mainly for shred aluminum tin cans and drums which thickness is about 1mm. Wanshida is mainly for produce scrap metal balers, metal shredders, metal shears, etc.>>more
Wanshida Scrap Metal Shredder is mainly for shred all kinds of scrap metal with thickness less than 2mm. Our main products are scrap metal balers, metal shears, metal shredders, etc.>>more
Wanshida is metal recycling equipment factory for scrap metal balers, alligator shears, container shears, car balers loggers, metal shredders, waste paper balers, etc.>>more
We are scrap metal shredder manufacturer.>>more
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