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Vertical Baler
Vertical waste baler can be used to press and bale many kinds of recyclable material, including papers, plastic films, cardboards, and cotton, etc.>>more
Y82-25 waste paper baler can also press pet bottles, waste cardboards, waste paper, etc.>>more
The Y82-25 Drum Crusher is a compact electro hydraulically operated 208L barrel press.>>more
Y82-35 Vertical Baler can press many kind of loose materials, such as waste paper, waste cardboard,waste plastic, plastic film, pet bottles, etc.>>more
Y82-63 waste pet bottles baler can make bale weight up to 500 kg depending on material.>>more
This vertical baler is perfect for pressing scrap copper,scrap aluminum,scrap stainless steel,waste paper, waste cardboard, waste pet bottles, etc.>>more
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