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Guillotine Shear,Cutting machine for plastic film bales, pet belt bales cutter, agriculture films bale cutter>>more
Guillotine Shear, pastic bale shear, bale cutting machine, plastic film cutting machine, agriculture film bale cutting machine>>more
WANSHIDA Container metal shear is used to cutting round steel, square steel, angle iron, I steel, plate steel and steel pipe.It is utilized in metal recycled processing plant, disassembling field of scraped vehicles, smelting and casting industries.>>more
Our Y82-25 Waste Oil Drum Crusher can compress 200L steel drums. And the compressed height is Min. 60mm.>>more
WANSHIDA company can produce Scrap Metal Sawdust Chips Briquetting Press Aluminum copper chips from 250ton to 800ton size. Our Briquetting press can dealing with aluminum sawdust, metal chips, copper chips, etc.>>more
WANSHIDA Heavy Duty Scrap Steel Container Metal Shear Waste Steel Hydraulic Cutting Shear Machine. We can produce 400ton, 500ton, 630ton, 800ton,etc. according to the customer's request.>>more
WANSHIDA 500ton Guillotine Shear Hydraulic Scrap Metal Steel Cutting machine Waste Shearing Equipment.We can produce from 400ton to 1500ton different size automatic guillotine shear.>>more
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