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Trailer Mounted Mobile Car Baler Logger
Brand: Wanshida
Supply Ability: 5 sets/month
Min. Order Quantity:1 set
The nearest port: Shanghai Port
Guarantee: 1 year
Color: User define
After Sales Service Provided: User define
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Our Y83B-6000A Trailer Mounted Mobile Car Baler Logger is a perfect baling machine for vehicle scrap processing and metal recycling enterprises. This Scrap Metal Baler fully expresses the concept of mobility and versatility. Our Mobile Baler Logger is mounted on trailers in order to work in different working environments. Our scrap metal recycling equipment brings great convenience for storage and transportation of scrap metal, and simultaneously provides qualified furnace charge for metal smelting plants. 

Technical Parameters:

Configured with hydraulic drive system, our machine can be operated interface control or remote control delivers much easier operation and lower labor cost. The size of compacting box, bale size and baling mode can be designed specially to meet users' needs. Our machine can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine as required. The diesel engine powered baling machine is extremely convenient for places providing no power. Additionally, we are able to help users to install and debug the machine and train the operators.


Y83B-6000A Mobile Car Baler Logger

Angle press board cylinders

90 ton (3 pcs) (total 270tons per side)

Circle press board cylinders

90 ton (3 pcs) (total 270tons per side)

Maximum working pressure



15-20 cars/h

Press room open size


Press room close size


Bale dimensions (W×H)


Circle time

120s(not including feeding time)

Hydraulic Oil Cooling system

Air cooling system

Diesel Engine

83kW×1set (Cummins brand)

Power supply

415V/50Hz or 380V/60Hz(customized)

Total Power


Baler dimensions (L×W×H)

13500×3710×3700mm (Press room open)

Baler dimensions( L×W×H)

1350×2500×3910mm (Press room closed)






































1. Our Mobile car baler logger is designed reasonably with compact structure. It is small and lightweight. Aside from small inertia of movement and low noise, this machine offers stable movement, flexible operation, low energy consumption, simple installation, safe and reliable performance, etc.
2. Under the integrated hydraulic and electrical control, it becomes user friendly and easy for overload protection.
3. This machine possesses a wide range of applications. It is able to work as processing equipment in metal recycling industry and smelting field.
4. This range of scrap baler adopt clamping method for compress, and optional grapple is available to meet your application needs. Moreover, if you want more personal operation room or more information about the scrap handling equipment, please feel free to contact us.
5. This Car Baler can compact a whole car at one time within 2 minutes. The waste car doesn’t need to move engine, wheels and shafts.  

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