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Side Push Out Metal Balers
It is the smallest one among our Scrap metal baling press baler. Operated manually, this product makes the bale in small size of 200×200mm convenient for moving and smelting.>>more
This Y83T-125 Scrap Metal Baler is also named hydraulic metal baler. It is the most popular product of our company. It’s highlight resides in that the compressed bale density is higher than that of any other type of balers.>>more
Our Y83T-160 scrap metal baler is popularized in the metal processing and recycling station, metal smelting plant with small and medium production.>>more
This Y83T-200 Non ferrous scrap metal baler pushes the bale out of the machine from one side. It can operated by Hand Valve Control or PLC automatic control.>>more
Users can choose to operate this scrap metal baler manually or under PLC control. Moreover, the feeding hopper is optional for meeting the needs of users.>>more
Heavy duty metal scrap baling press is extremely popular in Russia and Ukraine and it is one of our best sellers. Its outstanding stong points are high stable performance, low failure rate, high production efficiency, high density of bales and so on.>>more
Our side push out hydraulic metal baler is energy saving,convenient for installation, safe, reliable and efficient while working. Wanshida is mainly produce hydraulic metal baler, scrap metal baler, scrap metal baling press, etc.>>more
This 400ton side push out metal baler can press waste car and other non ferrous materials.Wanshida is China manufacturer of heavy duty scrap balers, scrap car balers, car logger balers, scrap metal balers, etc.>>more
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